Specialists in Trouble Shooting and Interim Management of

large industrial projects


JPS Consult BV was founded in 1999 and has been providing quality services to the Process- and Construction Industry ever since.

During the past 15 years we have been extensively involved in the interim management and troubleshooting of large international industrial projects for multinational companies.

We assist our clients in solving technical, contractual and / or organizational issues, enabling them to achieve their key project milestones as much as possible.

Our commitment is hands-on and on-site; we’re very much used to join ongoing, often time critical projects and to optimize them. We always strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients and we’ve built an excellent track record over the years.

Our company can provide you with the specialized support and skills as may be required to speed up and optimize your ongoing project.

We'll gladly discuss with you what we can do to help you achieve your goals.